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Force Global - ROPEX America

Force Global – ROPEX America serve a wide range of markets with endless solutions ... the list continues to grow, as our engineering team takes on new challenges!

Markets and Solutions ...

  • Health (medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences)

    • Contoured perimeter seal

    • Tube to bag seals

    • Boat port seals

    • Cat-eye spout seals

    • Hygiene port seals

    • Block bottom seals

    • Tack seals

    • Balloon welding

  • Batteries (electric vehicles and other applications)

    • Pouch cell end seals (anode/cathode)

    • Insulation panel end seals

    • Insulation panel back seam seals

  • Consumer goods (food, beverage, personal hygiene, and infant care)

    • End seals

    • Heat seal + cut

    • Double-sided seals for gusseted films

    • Liquid bag-in-box (BIB) fitment seals

    • Aseptic port sealing

    • Vent ports and aperture seals

  • Automotive (transportation and aerospace)

    • Contoured insulation seals

    • Cushion assembly, internal and external contour seals

    • Stress relief flange seals

  • Developing industries (tech start-ups, energy, semiconductors, etc.)

    • Sealing, welding, joining, and cutting of thermoplastics.

    • Flexible heat exchanger assembly

    • Balloon panel welding, and ports

  • Industrial Process and Packaging (food, dairy, beverage and chemical)

    • Flexible intermediate bulk containers FIBC liner

    • Drum and box liner assembly

    • Poly-film valve bag closing

    • Container liners

Our engineering team members have a diverse background and extensive industry experience. We offer full engineering support for new applications and upgrades. We will work with you to design a complete system tailored to your application

Please visit our website www.forceglobal.com to view our products, and complete the questionnaire if you would like us to review your applications.

Or call us directly (414) 507-9378 to discuss your impulse heat-sealing needs.

We look forward to working with you!


New Release RES-5007

PLC interface (Analog), for quick and universal system integration.


New Release RES-5027

PLC interface (Analog), as per RES-5007, with Booster output, Temp OK output.



PROFINET interface... for full function connectivity and integration.


RES-5011 EtherNet/IP

EtherNet/IP interface... for full function connectivity and integration.